For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

Seeing someone’s life changed could be as simple as opening the door at church this weekend and saying, "welcome, so glad you are here!"  Here are some easy ways you can take your next step in serving  as a volunteer at Central.

Volunteer Opportunities

Use your unique gifts to help build the Kingdom

Guest Services

Help guide attendees to a parking spot, be the first to welcome guests as
soon as they arrive, answer any questions people might have, help find the
best seats available, and pray with those who just made the most important decision
of their lives: accepting Christ.

Media Production

Help create an atmosphere where people can experience the presence of God.
Operate cameras, lights, screens, and sound to support the Gospel being presented on stage.
No experience required.

Central Preschool/Central Kids

Be a part of shaping the next generation by engaging preschoolers, kids, and
students with the Gospel to help them build their faith.
Take this opportunity to invest in the lives of children and students.


Every weekend, our church is led by talented and committed musicians who
make up our campus worship teams. These teams serve the mission of our
church by creating an atmosphere that helps people experience God’s presence.